Safety Compliance

We are your partners who are here to help you create efficiencies. Like every business owner, you, too, would definitely want to outpass your competitors. We can help you achieve this goal. 

Our consultation brings you a deep understanding of how the transportation industry works. From Safety Compliance, DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing, to Employer and Employee Training, we customize services tailored to your needs. 

Our experience, unparalleled network of experts, and advanced analytics give us a unique ability to create a strategic plan that best meets your business needs – our goal is to keep each client in compliance and audit-ready! 

Drivers must belong to a Consortium that requires pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion Drug & Alcohol Testing for safety-sensitive workers. D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services is a Consortium/Third Party Administrator or a service agent that manages employers and owner-operators Drug & Alcohol Testing Program.

We help to ensure compliance with DOT and FMCSA rules and regulations. We have the most common drug test panels available online. Give us a call at 877-344-2857 and we can provide you with information and assist with scheduling the panel you need.

Drug And Alcohol Testing

Drug-Free Workplace Policies

Ensuring a drug-free workplace is very important for keeping both employees and the business safe. To maintain a drug-free workplace, it is necessary to formulate and implement clear rules and consequences of using drugs at work. In fact, there should be a comprehensive drug-free workplace policy intact at the workplace. 

We create drug-free workplace policies and procedures tailored to your business needs. Our customized policies are branded for your company. All policies are written so that they could effectively be communicated to all employees. Our policy formulation service ensures you face fewer work-related accidents and inquiries triggered by the use of drugs at the workplace.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse found that substance users cost employers twice as much in worker’s compensation and medical expenses than non-users. So, you need your employees to be educated on the health and safety risks drug use poses to all employees. This will help you maintain a safe, and healthy work environment. 

Our comprehensive training program, running under the supervision of knowledgeable professionals, will help you cut additional costs your company is bearing due to the drug users and will increase the productivity of your employees. 

Employer & Employee Training

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